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15 August 2017

Apple Store NZ. Apple products and software available in NZ with prices.
MacUpdate For the latest software revisions.
Inside Mac Games. For the latest in shareware and free Mac games.

Friends of Mac Senior Net

Noel Leeming
Mac Senior Net is part of the Senior Net Federation and so our members can obtain discounts. Senior Net Federation will also get a benefit. To get your discount you must ask the salesperson for the SeniorNet Discount. When the sale is rung up make sure it is recorded under SeniorNet on your docket.

If you are a Vodafone home line customer and are willing to give Vodafone some details Vodafone will give Senior Net Federation a percentage of your monthly Vodafone home line spend. This indirectly helps Mac Senior Net, which receives some support from the Federation. If you are agreeable to provide these details you can do so by using the following linkVodafone Customer Support

Online magazines:

Mac news sites:
Mac Observer
NZMac by courtesy of Mark Webster/Mac NZ

Another site of interest: Broadband Speedtest

When your Mac is misbehaving use the following links:
Apple Support or Apple Discussions